Office Sonomama Translation
High-quality and reliable
English-to-Japanese translation
With 30 years of experience in English-to-Japanese translation, Office Sonomama offers high-quality and reliable translation services tailored to your needs in each project. For further details and/or a quotation, please email us.
Pharmaceutical, healthcare and life science areas including biotechnology:
  • Documents related to clinical trials including clinical study protocols, investigator's brochures and reports
  • Pharmaceutical patents and consultation documents
  • Research and conference papers
  • Documents related to healthcare issues and policies
Ecology, botany, zoology, nature and environment:
  • Environmental laws and conventions including CITES and CBD
  • Environmental impact assessments (EIA)
  • Ecological survey reports
  • Research and conference papers
  • Magazine articles and press releases
  • Museum exhibitions
* Degree: a master's degree in biology

Business documents:
  • Market and consumer researches
  • Contracts including distributorship and power of attorney agreements
  • Employee evaluation and human resource development
  • Intellectual property-related documents
  • Advertisements, magazine articles, intranet messages and newsletters
Translation fees are calculated based on the number of English words in the source text. Our rates vary between 15 - 20 yen/0.15 - 0.20 USD/0.11 - 0.14 EUR per source English word depending on the nature of the source document.
Source Text
You can send us your document(s) to be translated in digital formats including MS-Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF. We also accept MemoQ projects (MemoQ 2014 R2).
The document translated into Japanese will be delivered by email attachment or by downloading from our Internet disk unless there is a specific request from the client.
Phone: 0467-54-9838 (+81-467-54-9838 from outside Japan)

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